Saturday, January 1, 2011

♥ sungkyunkwan scandal ♥

cite ni ade ala2 he's beautiful la jgk dimana ade 1 perempuan yg menyamar jd lelaki...huhuhu....cme latar mse yg b'beza....walaupun cite ni ala2 zaman jln cite die mmg mnrk......lwk plk,arini dgn mrh atinye aku kongsi kat krg sinopsis ngn pic pelakon cite ni......huhuhu....enjoy yup.....

A new historical drama setting, Sungkyunkwan (成均館)!!

Everyone knows Sungkyunkwan, the highest educational agency of the Joseon era, but no one knows it well. It has always been a background to a story, but this time Sungkyunkwan itself takes center stage. Sungkyunkwan was more than an academy. It was also the site of political feuds where people posted writings on walls in a life-risking attempt to speak to the king and where officials desperately tried to catch the culprits.

But most of all, it was a place of vibrant youth where students strove to put friendship and love before the stringent rules of the academy.

For the first time, a period series sheds light on the 500 year old Korean academic institute of Sungkyunkwan.

Intense youth, coming of age youth drama

This is the story of Yunhee, who believes there's no one to trust in the world except for herself, and three men she encounters, Seonjun, the arrogant dogmatist, Jaesin, the rebel and Yongha, the cynic.

She enters Sungkyunkwan as a pupil and the story is her journey of growth and reaching the state of "Sungkyun (harmony)."

The strong, vivid characters make a colorful storyline which will be empathized with by young viewers and also shared by adults who look back on their young years. It will an encouraging, motiviating series to any and all viewers.

Woman disguised as man in Joseon!

Can she pull this off? She is excited and nervous. She must survive at Sungkyunkwan without getting caught, without revealing her identity.

Men and women were strictly divided socially during the Confucianist Joseon era and Sungkyunkwan was off limits to women. Kim Yunhee ventures into this all male institute. She will die if she is caught.

Her survival story is studded with misunderstanding and incidents.

The tension is unbearable! She needs to hide and there are those who want to unveil her secret. They chase after each other.

There's also heartrending love. This love story questions the essence of love. 

song joong ki

park min yeong
micky yoo chun

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